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Soil Evaluation and Septic System Design Services

soil testing for septic systems

Important Information:


Three factors determine if your system will last 1 year or 20 years.  

1.  The type and depth of the soil 

2.  How the system is installed 

3.  How you maintain it

                 Soils are highly variable and must be evaluated with great attention to detail. The equipment we use is the best in the industry. We use a method that retrieves an undisturbed soil core while simultaneously mapping the exact location with a GIS data collection devise. During the sampling process it is not uncommon for us to take approximately 10-30 shallow samples before determining the best location for the wastewater system. Soil cores to a depth of 60 in. are then described to develop engineering factors used in designing the most suitable system. Our accuracy in designating the exact boundaries of the suitable soil area is highly sought after by the local health department professionals. While others are uncomfortable being so accurate we pride ourselves in excellence. It is the same attention to detail that is carried over in our design process.