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Soil Evaluation and Septic System Design Services

Soil Evaluation and Septic System Design FAQ's


What is included in a soil report?

It starts with us going to the specified site and taking soil samples from the ground and evaluating them onsite. The information is then entered into our portable computer and where we can save it for further processing back at the office. While onsite we will collect GPS locations of all the necessary criteria for creating an accurate map of the property and suitable soil boundaries.

How long is the process?

While we are typically onsite for about 2-3 hrs on average. We will then return to our office and process the information gathered and can usually produce the report and map within 24-48 Hrs

Who gets the report?

The report belongs to the client (the one who paid for the report). We are required to reserve a copy for our records. We cannot release the report to any other party unless the client gives written permission via email or letter.

How do I start the process?

We need your name, best contact phone number, the address or permanent parcel number of the property in question and an email or physical address to send the report.

When do I pay?

Soil evaluation fees are due at time of service. The report will not be released until paid in full. Designs are paid for in full at the time of signing the contract. 

What is included in a "Design"?

Our goal is to make the Septic System Design process as easy for you (the client) as possible. The information gathered by our mapping equipment makes it very accurate and therefore more reliable than most others in the industry. Once the soil report is finalized it will determine the available systems for the lot in question. There are usually a few options to choose from and we will present those to you at that time. After you (the Client) have chosen the system you prefer the design is then created and submitted to the local health department. We take care of meeting the health department on the property for a site evaluation which is a requirement for septic approval. Any fees required by the health department prior to the permit fee will be covered in the original design fee. After the design is approved and ready for permit pick-up, you or the installer (depending on the county) will be responsible for paying for and picking up the permit.