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Soil Evaluation and Septic System Design Services

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Soil Evaluation

Septic System Design

Why do you need a soil evaluation?


Two inches can mean the difference between a properly functioning septic system and one that is failing.  A failing system can pollute your drinking water and can cost up to $30,000 to replace. Fincham Soil Investigations can provide the most accurate report available for the best placement of your system 

Soil Evaluation

Septic System Design

Soil Evaluation Video

This is how to retrieve an undisturbed soil core sample

About Us

James R. Fincham (Owner/President)

 Jim has been a CPSS (Certified Profesional Soil Scientist) for over 35 years with expertise in both residential and agricultural soil evaluation and, as result, his approach is more comprehensive than other in this field of study.  

Benjamin I. Rogers (Designer/ Apprentice)

Ben is a U.S. Army Veteran with nearly 20 yrs experience in the building industry and design. He is working toward a degree in Soil Science while earning his required apprenticeship time on the job.